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Hope For A Mourning

by Mice on Stilts

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released April 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Mice on Stilts Auckland, New Zealand

There will be Doom.....

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Track Name: Khandallah
Take a seat by the fire
Battle times through the evening
Are we the only ones here?
A naked canvas covers the sky

You are a river
And I’m swimming deep again
Those crows above me
Will keep circling till the end

Oh what a wonderful surrender
Where the ocean meets the sky
The longs grass hides the world
While trains disappear through the earth
Track Name: Orca
This blood river crossing
Is so unforgiving
Oh what a sight
Please be silence while the emperor unfolds
Am I just imagining?
You are the arena
Will I ever take a seat in the stand?

Magnolia, hang me out to dry
Set me on the alter
Let me swim in you eyes
Is this the place we first build this home
Lover, I’m gonna let you down this time

I smell that stench in the battle field
My father I forgive you
Mother let me hold you
The dusts about to pass

The good lord has his hand on us now
The good lord has his hand on me now
Track Name: The Hours
Let’s leave the town
I’m ok to drive
I just need a moment on my own
This day and night
My plan fell apart
I just the evening to myself

Oh, its you again

My coat on the bed
My shoes on the floor
I just hope you don’t find me for sometime
When the moon takes flight
Ill depart from the scene
I just need a lifetime here alone
Track Name: And We Saw His Needs Through the Casket
Three years to the day
We let you send this nomad to a bloodied grave
You are a face in the scene
A part in the clock, dishevelled and hopeless

Brother, the sand slips away on you
Son, this in the cold hand of the law

The crowd maintains you
A veil in the light
And we saw his needs through the casket

Yet love has not forgotten you.
Track Name: YHWH
Spirit in the sky
My brother of the earth
Eerie tongue, keep me at bay
Son of the south, son of my right hand
We accept you and uphold you
Amend and amen
Waive you intention
I let the earth bring me back in

You are the cruel divine
You are the grand design
Set the wheels in motion
We are in command

It never ends
The hours are upon me
Haunting me
Holding me
I rest my feet by the mountain
Track Name: Hope for a Mourning
I’m in the fog of yesterday’s romance
Six hundred miles short of heavens
But still I don’t feel a thing

I know the world outside
Never welcomed back home

Confined to my thoughts
I’m choking on words
I wont be dowsing in the sun
Praying for a tragedy
Hope for a Mourning

Never did I hear you call
I know the world outside
Never welcomed back home
Never did I hear you land
Track Name: Funeral
The doors ten feet away
The room is going up in smoke
I’m chained down to my bed
Soon we will be laying next to bones

But you don’t have a clue
You don’t even know
In my head they lies an empire
That’s shaking like a quake

When I look up at your face
I see the desert in your eyes
It brings me down so low
Are we going nowhere slowly dear?

Those wolves are howling out
Like a ghost in the night
Their sirens will never forgive me
That wooden box that holds the two
Open for the world to see
Gets lowered into the earth
See you at the funeral

In the mean time
I’ll just keep on pretending that this is really who we are
Still, we march on as one
With our hearts sown in the soil
Towards a definite end
We’ll see you at our funeral

As we exit this hold
I know in myself that I gave all I could
And endured my waking day
I hand my soul back to the maker
See at our funeral
Track Name: Monarch
Cliff tops and rope hangs
Lift me from my spine to the heavens
Please send water down the well
I was held back from my bride

She will become me and confiscate my name
She threw me off my throne and striped me of my crown

I always see the future in a strangers eyes

Rocks falls as the shit dissolves
Now I fear I’ve been deceived
Let me worship the mountain
Through a cold embrace with soil

This is our slow decay

You are a matador
While I’m still delirious
Cadaver worship
Trinity warship

Where did this fall apart